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I smell a lawsuit... :-)


...or some schmuck just got fired... :-)


Cathy -- hah! Let's hope it's a little from column A, a little from column B.


Channel 4's new tagline: "We protect our sources."


What do you expect from a program that tailors its programming for the lowest common denominator?


I live in Wexford Pa- north of Pittsburgh.... I feel that this story NEEDED to be shown on the news-- and there was not enough media coverage of it!!! Cases like this NEED to be told-- to motivate our law makers to change the ways these monsters are punished!!! This was a little baby who FROZE to death--imagine how she felt-- barefoot, confused, cold and scared. I WANTED to hear this story-- and did not like the fact that there was more about Anna Smith's death on the news than this little innocent girl!!! Your comments that this story was STILL on the news was inappropriate--- it SHOULD be on the news!!! This is a little girl that died needlessly!!! Have a heart!!!


Uhh -- Karen? Did you actually read what I wrote?

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